The human spirit can no longer survive in a disenchanted universe.

When we realign ourselves with the sun, moon, stars and planets, an inner world is revealed for us to evolve and grow together.

Archetypal astrology begins by inviting the cosmic unconscious into human consciousness. From there, the healing journey begins.

Help plant the seeds of a movement to reclaim our place in the cosmos.


From August 26 to September 2, 2013, tens of thousands of freedom loving pilgrims will descend upon the arid Pleistocene lake beds of central Nevada to build and live in Black Rock City, intergalactic portal and home of the annual Burning Man festival.

Planting itself along the city’s dusty, spiraling street of John Frum at 7:15, CAMP COSMICOPIA is a vibrant community of half-a-hundred deep souls dedicated to archetypal cosmology, integral philosophy, and the holistic healing arts. Since 2010, Cosmicopia has offered its gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and healing to the citizens of Black Rock City. Consultations with our camp’s astrologers have catalyzed profound moments of self-discovery for past visitors, revealing the correlations between the inner and outer events of their personal lives and the larger patterns of cosmic evolution.

Camp Cosmicopia intends to continue its mission at this year’s Burning Man festival. Through archetypal astrological readings, intellectually titillating lectures, and embodied participatory workshops, we will provide a powerful portal for those in Black Rock City who are seeking a deeper understanding of their psyche’s place in the cosmos.

New to Camp Cosmicopia this year are two exciting initiatives. The Cosmic Confession Booth will provide Burners a much-needed respite for reflection, allowing them to take a moment away from the delightful chaos of the city to collect their thoughts and emotions. Visitors will be invited to open up and share their own journeys face-to-face with a video-camera-shaped cosmic mirror. By inviting citizens of Black Rock City to share their playa stories in private, the Cosmic Confession Booth promotes healing of the psycho-social wounds alienating us from one another and from the larger patterns of meaning informing the universe.

The Enchanted Cosmos is a short documentary film that will follow several new members of Camp Cosmicopia. All of them will also be attending Burning Man for the first time, and all have little if any experience with archetypal cosmology. The film will follow their progress before, during and after the Burn, and reveal the transformative potential of both Black Rock City and an initiation into the music of the spheres. Combined with footage from the Cosmic Confession Booth and original animation, The Enchanted Cosmos will be a visionary exploration into the cosmological ground of the human soul and a powerful invocation of the healing that results from a reunion with the sacred universe.

We invite you to share this journey with us by contributing to our fundraising goal. With your help, Camp Cosmicopia will unfold into its largest, grandest and most transformative incarnation yet! Funds will also be used to maximize the production values of The Enchanted Cosmos. We can’t do it without YOU!